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I wanted to share a passion project my friend, Virginia Murphy, and I have been working on. We both are creatives and wanted to use our platform to aid the protests happening here in our city, Richmond, Virginia.

Our mission is that Richmond learns about Richmond. Imagine a set of activities you could give a child, friend or colleague who does not understand what is happening. Imagine an all levels publication that is honoring what Richmond is doing right now!

We would like to present Richmond Now! Coloring and Activity Book, as a free downloadable file gifted to all those who want to expand their minds in a fun engaging way.

A collection of photos and quotes from local citizens were turned into coloring book illustrations. Also included in the activity book are learning activities & resources to help others understand why "Black Lives Matter" is trending. This is our creative way to begin the conversation amongst family, friends, and the community.


We invite you to visit to download your free activity book. You can also follow us on Facebook @RichmondNow2020 Instagram @RichmondNow2020

If you support this project, would you please share this with others and become a part of the movement. Through education, we can begin to understand and mend.

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