The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.   -Isak Dinesen

Hi! I'm Rian L. Moses and I love creating sea inspired art.​

My art uses repetitive shapes and intricate line work found in nature, more specifically, the sea. Below the water's surface, you can find many organic shapes that seem to be from another planet. These are the forms I like using in my work because they can be viewed as something entirely different to the observer. I enjoy drawing with fine line pens, painting with acrylics and watercolor, and using the computer to create art. My art will usually have a sea theme plus an extra bit of something that takes it out of the water. 

It makes me happy when other people enjoy what I am making, because I selfishly am creating art that I would hang in my own home. All my artwork is for sale as an original or a print copy. Please contact me for any commissions.

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